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Flickered Hope


When I got back to Switzerland, I was still depressed that I couldn't continue my journey immediately. Fortunately, I had made my arrival as pleasant as possible by organising many things before my interim return.

I had thought for hours about what would be the best solution and had finally come to the conclusion that my health had to be prioritised.

When I returned, I immediately phoned my doctor. He got me an appointment for an MRI at short notice. I would have had to wait at least half a year for this in Norway.

As the MRI did not give any exact results, I had a CT scan of my ankle a week later. After that, I had to wait a while for more information, as my doctor was currently on holiday.

Initially, it was assumed that my peroneal tendon was split and that my forefoot was affected by bone necrosis. After a thorough examination, however, it turned out that my peroneal tendon was only scarred several times and my joint was displaced.

I was relieved because the doctor told me that although this injury was rarely diagnosed, it could normally be cured with conservative treatment.

Due to the rare diagnosis, however, there was no suitable operation, as one could only stiffen the joint, so that my freedom of movement would be significantly restricted, which was, however, indispensable for my project.

So the doctor prescribed physiotherapy and stabilising or compensating shoe inserts for both feet.

I kept my optimism and knew that I could achieve my goals through discipline. For weeks, I engaged in physiotherapy almost daily. When my insoles were ready, I tried to break them in on short distances. I went for walks every now and then to learn a healthy gait together with the physiotherapy and to learn to walk properly again.

After some time, I decided to do experiments to see how far my body had come. I went on short mountain tours, on which I covered a few metres of altitude in rough terrain. I hardly had any problems, which made me feel positive.

At that time, I had not lost hope of setting off again this year and continuing my journey as soon as possible. A fire of determination burned inside me not to give up on my dream.

To give myself a little break from the monotony of everyday life, I accepted an invitation and travelled to the Algarve in Portugal for a fortnight. But it was important to me to write another, separate report about it. Therefore, this is just a short summary of the first part of my regeneration phase.

Patience is when your heart is on fire but your mouth is silent.

Do you want to support me?

Andrea Erne CH07 0076 1502 5100 6200 2

I am very grateful for everything.

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