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About me

Andrea Erne

My name is Andrea Erne. I am a 24 years young and wild adventurer who will travel the world on foot in the future.

Even as a small child, I was fascinated by my environment. I learned early on what nature meant to my life. Animal and plant life, had always been close to my heart and so I knew even then that I was destined to live closer to them in the future.

I wanted to see the stars with my own eyes.
I wanted to hear the oceans with my own ears.
I wanted to smell the forests with my own nose.
I wanted to taste the herbs with my own tongue.
I wanted to feel the mountains with my own hands.

I wanted to discover the world and experience it nomadically in its most primal form.

Over time, life made it very difficult for me to hold on to my dream from long ago childhood days, until slowly and gradually I almost forgot about it.

In the meantime, a burning passion, an iron will and a firm determination have grown out of a blurred yet always palpable desire.

I made my dream my goal. I wanted to live my life, so I planned my huge and extreme adventure, put all my eggs in one basket and started to circumnavigate the world on foot in May 2023.

Achievments in Numbers 

- Hiked 6'418km trough Switzerland, Spain, Andorra and France.
- Overcame around 241'600 meters in ascent.

- Went on top of more than 250 peaks.
- Made in between 12'836'000 and 19'254'000 steps while hiking.

- Crossed the Pyrenees, from the mediterranean sea to the atlantic ocean in 26 days.
- Completed the longest staircase in the world (11,674 steps).

  Was on top of..
  Matterhorn 4478m (12. highest peak of the alps)
 4199m (Highest peak I did alone)
  Weissmies 4017m
  Lagginhorn 4010m 
  Pico Aneto 3404m (Highest peak of the Pyrenees)
  Pic de Posets 3369m (Second highest peak of the Pyrenees)
  Monte Perdido 3355m (Third highest peak of the Pyrenees)
  Pica d'Estats 3149m (Highest peak of Catalonia)
  Pic de Comapedrosa 2943m (Highest peak of Andorra)
  Torre Cerredo 2649m (Highest peak of the Cantabrian mountains)
 and many more..

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